Fall Classes Announced

The Bay Area's most trusted source for classes on building and remodeling has a great lineup this Winter!

  • DEC 12: Hillside Drainage Design & Installation
  • FEB 6: Hillside Drainage Design & Installation
  • March 26: Owner as Contractor
  • APRIL 2: Earthquake Retrofitting for Homeowners

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  • Basement/Hillside Draining
    From Sump Pumps to French Drains and beyond, you'll learn the best ideas and practices for drain layout, design, and more. Join us Dec 12. Learn More
    Owner as Contractor
    A successful project is well-organized and managed. This class is a primer on contracts, contract law, managing sub-contractors, and more. Join us Oct 17. Learn More
    Earthquake Retrofitting
    If your house hasn't been properly bolted and reinforced, the next earthquake could cost you $25,000 to $100,000, or even more. Join us October 25. Learn More