Essential Questions to Ask Your Architect

Before you get to decide on one architect, who will complete your building project, it is important to gather adequate information. This will involve asking a series of questions which you consider important. That way, you will find the right architect for the project. However, as you ask those questions it is important to keep in mind the specifics of your project.

Some of the top questions to ask include:

1. What experience does the architect have?
It is important to ask the architect what experience they have in doing projects that are similar to yours. If they have any, you can request to look at their portfolio and some of the projects that were completed. One should also consider asking if the architect is interested in handling the job you are presenting.

2. The architect’s fee?
From the beginning, it is important to know how much an architect will charge for the services rendered. This is very important if you are working on a budget. You should also ask the architect of how they arrive at the fee they will charge. Also, he should be able to answer questions about whether there will be additional charges, other than the architect’s fee, like an hourly rate.

3. Can the architect can handle the project?
Everyone would like to contract with an architect who can deliver. Therefore, you should ask whether they can be able to complete the project within the time that will be agreed. To add on that, it is important to ask what challenges they might likely encounter and if they can be able to work through them.
Knowing if the architect can complete the project on the given budget is also of the essence.

4. Would they like your participation in the project?
All architects work differently. While some prefer it when the clients are actively involved in the project, there are some who prefer clients to sit back and wait for the project to be completed. Therefore, after you give them all the necessary information they need, you can ask how they would like you to be involved.

5. What is their preferred mode of communication?
As the architect goes on with the project, they might want to update you on how things are or make consultations with you. Consequently, you should ask about the mode of communication they are comfortable with. While some prefer communicating through emails, others prefer phone calls or face to face communication. You should arrive at the best way through which you can communicate. Additionally, you can also get to agree on how frequent you will be communicating.

To conclude, there are many questions that people can ask an architect. Depending on how good the architect answers the questions, you will be able to comfortably choose the one you want to work with.