Best Schools for a Degree in Architecture

If you wish to do a degree in Architecture, it is important for you to enroll in one of the best institutions in the world. Since there are many higher-level schools that are offering this degree course, it could be challenging for you to select the best for you. Having carried out research, the following are the six best schools for a Degree in Architecture that you should consider.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT has been named as the top best institute in the world for three consecutive years and is located in the United States. It has a high performance in the Architecture Department with a 96.5 points score. Also, the institution has high regards among employers for its excellence in academic performance.

2. The Bartlett School of Architecture
Bartlett is located in the United Kingdom and is part of the University College London. For the third year in a row, it has been ranked position two in the world for having the best School of Architecture. The advantage of this school is that it is located in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

3. Delft University of Technology
The Delft University of Technology is the third best institute offering Degree in Architecture and is located in Netherlands. It has all the necessary facilities for teaching students the designing skills and the school are equipped with competent teachers.

4. University of California, Berkeley
The University of California, Berkeley (USB) is located in the United States and offers architecture courses that feature all types of architecture. It is among the credited institutions that offer Degree in Architecture and has a high reputation among the employees.

5. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
ETH Zurich Institute is located in Switzerland. It is not only the best institute in Switzerland but also the fifth best institute in the world. Nearly 50% of students doing a Degree in Architecture are international students. This means that school is diverse and welcomes students from all parts of the country.

6. Manchester School of Architecture
This institution is based in the United Kingdom and has the best Department of Architecture. It is well equipped with all the facilities and tools that are necessary for learning architecture. It features over 200 courses in architecture and has a good academic reputation. It is one of the most recognized architecture institutions in the UK offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It encourages innovation and creativity among the students by providing quality, high-tech resources.