Is An Architectural Degree Worth It?

Studying Architecture is an incredible thing. We all use it, see it and interact with it every day, whether it is in our homes or the spaces we work and play in. Great architecture drives passion, awe, and marvels in those that see it, and inspires those that use it, and brings security to those within it.

The architect must be a dedicated human being; He/she has to have many years of late night/early morning study sessions, with the one goal of finishing the course and getting a quality degree. In case you enjoy a good social life, do something easy – you won’t have time to socialize and fraternize while studying architecture! (What is it like to be an architectural student?)

Maybe that was slightly harsh, but at the end of the year, the architecture student body is made up of young people with a dangerous reliance on caffeine drinks, and tempers that may flare very easily. Seriously though, it is a trying period in any architects life. Don’t decide to study architecture lightly, it’s a serious commitment, and if you’re in, it’s all the way or not at all.

It’s a well-known fact among architects that the pay isn’t great. The only people who aren’t aware of this is everyone else. If you’re studying to be an architect because you think it will bring you a fortune, then you’re in for a shock. Architects enter their peak earning potential between the ages of fifty and sixty, up until then you will get a good, respectable wage, but it probably won’t compare to the lawyers, managers, and the doctors you serve.

Many architects are artists and choose the field simply because they love it. Architecture is about being fully and utterly absorbed in the built environment, and understanding the great masters and their masterpieces.

When it’s all said and done, architecture is a passionate industry, full of dedicated individuals with drive and ambition. If you want to be an architect, welcome aboard. If however you’re being drawn in like a moth to a lamp, turn away, save yourself – this career will swallow you up and spit you out before you know it, and you’ll owe a lot of money for the privilege.