Types of Architecture

Architecture is a field full of new designs and creativity. It is the art of designing and constructing buildings and features. There are a lot of beautiful buildings locally and internationally. All these buildings fall into different architectural types. The following are the four main types of architecture that you should know. They are evident in almost every place you visit.

Residential Architecture
This type of architecture focuses on designing and constructing private buildings for homeowners. Residential architecture is the most common type in the residential areas in different cities and towns. As a homeowner, you can build a dream house by working closely with a residential architect. However, some residential areas are very strict with the house design. You need to compare and adhere to the local regulations about the acceptable residential designs. At the end of the project, you should be happy with the outcome as well as the local regulators.

Commercial Architecture
It also referred to as public architecture. It focuses on large and small scale businesses, shopping malls, government entities, libraries, hospitals, and government facilities like airports and train stations. There so many exquisite public buildings across the world. Some have become tourist attraction site because of the unique design that they portray. (Read – “What do Commercial Architects do?”)

The commercial architecture is more detailed as compared to the residential architecture because of the presence of many rules governing the construction. The importance of public architecture is that it defines a society. A well-designed public sector gives a remarkable experience.

Industrial Architecture
The industrial architecture includes sophisticated designs that will require a collaboration between an architect and a civil engineer. Such projects include construction of bridges, ports and hydroelectric dams among other technical projects. With the civil engineering and architectural knowledge, it can be difficult to fulfill the technical functions of such projects. It requires the right certifications and licensing to work on an industrial architecture project. Most of the times, the projects can take years to be completed.

Landscape Architecture
Landscape architecture focuses on gardens, lawns, parklands and other public outdoor areas like recreational spots. This type of architecture can construct both private and public recreational areas of gardens. The architectural activities will be revolving around plants, trees, and other natural features. To make sure that the environment is left intact, the architect design should understand the environmental and horticultural aspects. It can involve specialists from these fields study. A good landscape design will incorporate both living and non-living things in the project.